Monday, May 29, 2017

Secrets of Colors and Symbols

Why most of political parties choose certain colors and symbols for their logos and slogans - WHY ?

How countries select their flags’ colors and some put symbols on them?

Why it is important to a country or a political party to have specified colors and symbols reflect their political trends?

How does religion interact with politics through numbers, colors and symbols?

Cultural, religious, political, social individuals and groups use colors to represent their traditional concepts or feelings, or to evoke physical reactions. They express in colors some kind of communication or gestures.

Generally speaking colors refer to certain personal moods, or reflect certain resemblance; for instance, BLACK is the color of night and its mysteries. Sometimes represent evil, and can also be relating to elegance or class. It may also refer to power, sophistication, wealth, sadness, depth, anger and mourning. It is taken to symbolize Anarchism, Fascism and Catholicism.

WHITE on the other hand is sacred and pure, and is the color of Gods, Angels, peace, purity, simplicity, youth, but can also refer to sadness and mourning. It can be symbol to humility, winter, cold and sterile and refers to Monarchism.

Whereas BLUE is mostly known as Virgin Mary's color, accompanies pure and innocent females. It is the color of oceans, skies and indicates life, calmness, stability, security, loyalty, technology and depression.

BROWN is always associated with Earth, Home, comfort, endurance, simplicity. GREEN represents nature, environment, good luck, youth also jealousy and misfortune. It is also associated with some Islamic groups and countries.

ORANGE associates with balance, warmth, enthusiasm and demanding of attention.

PINK goes with innocence and child-like character. It is also considered as color of good health. Sometimes it accompanies love, femininity, sexuality and purity.

PURPLE can be color of royalty, nobility, wisdom, enlightenment, also cruelty and arrogance.

RED is the color of blood and can symbolize strong emotions, life and vitality. It indicates to the Sun as symbol of energy.

RED and WHITE together mean happiness, and used in weddings and ceremonies mainly in far eastern countries. The combination is also the color of bond and commitment. It is associated with Socialism, Communism and Nationalism.

YELLOW is joy and happiness and signifies optimism, idealism, gold and also dishonesty, cowardice, deceit, illness and danger. It also signifies Liberalism, and symbolizes extremity.

Symbols in general are signs or marks that define certain brand or idea and represent some information. Most of old languages started as symbols before they were developed to characters and words. Symbols are found in Religious, Artistic, Alchemical, Astronomical, Chemical, Electrical and Mathematical works. Maybe symbols go back to the time of creation when they were perhaps the only means of communication.

By the time ancient civilizations were founded, nations started to choose certain colors and symbols to indicate their identity. The same ancient symbols and colors resemble today the political or religious or social definitions.
Symbols surround us in many forms and most of them are taken for granted today as static signs of religious or secular life that was created long ago. Over time, they have acquired layers of increasingly complex meaning, and this evolution of meaning tells us many ideas about how the nature of life and universe was developed.

The CIRCLE for example is the most common and universal signs, found in all cultures. It is the symbol of the sun in its limitless or boundless aspect. It has no beginning or end, and no divisions, making it the perfect symbol of completeness, eternity, and the soul. It is also the symbol of boundary and enclosure, of completion, and returning cycles. The wedding ring symbolizes not just a pledge of eternal love, but the enclosure of the heart- a pledge of fidelity.

The equal armed SOLAR CROSS is another universal symbol, and the first truly theological emblem, marking not only the points of the solar calendar, but the juxtaposition of the realm of the material with the realm of the divine.

The ARC is found in more complex symbols, especially planetary symbols, represents ascension or striving. It is a traditional element of architecture and often figures in commemorative monuments of triumph and achievement.

The CRESCENT represents the powers of the moon- reflective and receptive. A reversed crescent often represents emptiness and illusion.

The TRIANGLE is associated with Christian trinity or Freemasonry. To the ancient Pythagoreans, the triangle was, as the first complete polygon, the womb of number and the essence of stability.  The upward moving triangle is sometimes called the blade and it is a symbol of aspiration or rising up, male force, and fire. The downward pointing triangle maybe referred to as the chalice. It is the symbol of water, the grace of heaven, and the womb, a representation of the genitalia of the goddess.

The ARROW is known to be a symbol of power and also shows swiftness and knowledge. It was used by the Greek goddess Artemis and the Greek god Apollo who were both known as hunters.  Also used by Greek god Eros, Roman god Cupid, and the Hindu god Kama – all are known as gods of sexual attraction.

The LION is a symbol of power, also indicates bravery and ferocity.

CRESCENT MOON is a symbol of the aging goddess (crone) to contemporary witches and victory over death. In Islamic lands, crescent can be seen enclosing a lone pentagram.

DRAGON is a mythical monster made up of many animals: serpent, lizard, bird, lion... It may have many heads and breathes fire. To medieval Europe, it was dangerous and evil, but people in Eastern Asia believe it has power to help them against more hostile spiritual forces. In the Bible it represents Satan, the devil.

HEXAGRAM or Six-pointed Star when surrounded by a circle, it represents the "divine mind" (a counterfeit of God's wisdom) to numerous occult groups through the centuries. Many still use it in occult rituals. But to Jewish people, it is their Star of David.

SPIRAL is linked to the "circle". It is as ancient symbol of the goddess, the womb, fertility, feminine serpent force, continual change, and the evolution of the universe.
The square represents the physical world. Like the quartered circle, it points pagans to the four compass directions: north, east, south and west. While the circle and "spiral" symbolize female sexuality in many earth-centered cultures, the square represents male qualities.

SWASTIKA 1 is an ancient occult symbol of the sun and the four directions. Revived by Hitler, it represents racism and the "white supremacy" of Neo-Nazis. Like other occult symbols, it is often placed inside a "circle".

UNICORN means power, purification, healing, wisdom, self-knowledge, renewal and eternal life. Medieval myths suggested it could only be caught with help from a virgin who would befriend it.

All-seeing EYE in the PYRAMID is the official symbol for DARPA Total Information Awareness, a surveillance and information system established by they U.S. government.

CADUCEUS is a figure of two serpents wrapped a center rod where the rod is a symbol of transforming alchemical power. The two serpents represent polarity or duality. Together with the sprouted wings depict the caduceus having an alchemical meaning of balance, duality and following the alchemical process leading to unity. The caduceus is also seen in medical circles.

PENTACLE is a symbol of harmony, health and mystic powers. The Pythagoreans adopted it as a sign of health and the marriage of heaven and earth. As a sign of heaven, earth, as well as human body and mind, the pentacle holds great power.

The LABYRINTH is a winding, maze-like path, often resembling a spiral and almost always has spiritual significance.

The Symbol of SCIENTOLOGY consists of the letter “S” interlaced with two triangles. Each triangle represents three inseparably linked concepts; the KRC (Knowledge, Responsibility and Control) and the ARC” (Affinity, Reality and Communication).The S, stands for “Scientology.”

The ASCLEPIUS (Aesculapius) Wand is the true symbol of the medical profession. It dates to antiquity, and was a symbol of the Greek God of healing, Aesculapius. The symbol of a serpent entwined staff also appears in the biblical book of Exodus, wherein Moses is instructed to erect a brass pole with a serpent; whoever looked upon it was healed. It is the symbol of medicine and pharmacists.

The eight points in the STAR OF ISHTAR represent the movements of the planet Venus associated with this Goddess, and the eight gates of the city of Babylon.

BABYLONIAN TREE OF LIFE (Mesopotamian Tree of Life) in Babylonian mythology was a magical tree that grew in the center of paradise. The Apsu, or primordial waters, flowed from its roots. It is the prototype of the tree described in Genesis: the biblical Tree of Paradise evolved directly from this ancient symbol; it is the symbol from which the Egyptian, Islamic and Kabalistic tree of life concepts originated.

The Four letters in the TETRAGRAMMATON (Greek, ‘four letters’) is the 
true’ name of the God of the Hebrew Scriptures. It never appears complete in written form; only the four consonant letters, YHVH (Hebrew, Yod Heh Vau Heh, read right to left), or in the Latin version, IHVH. In modern Judaism, the Tetragrammaton is commonly referred to as “HaShem,” meaning, “The Name,” and the pronunciation rules still apply.

The TRIQUETRA makes an ideal Christian symbol. It is a perfect representation of the concept of “three in one” in Christian trinity beliefs, and incorporates another popular Christian symbol, the fish, in its original form of the Vesica Pisces. It is sometimes enclosed within a circle to emphasize the unity aspect.

The right EYE OF HORUS/Eye of Ra (Udjat, Wedjat) reflects solar, masculine energy, as well as reason and mathematics. The left eye reflects fluid, feminine, lunar energy, and rules intuition and magic. Together, they represent the combined transcendent power of Horus. The Masonic all seeing eye, the Eye of Providence symbol found on American money, and the modern Rx pharmaceutical symbol are all descended from the this symbol.

The STAR AND CRESCENT OF ISLAM emblem is commonly recognized as the symbol of the Islamic faith, is very ancient, dating back to early Sumerian civilization. The symbol was adopted by the Ottoman Dynasty, who is mainly responsible for its association with Islam. Today, the star and crescent is widely accepted as a symbol of the Islamic faith, and is used in decorative arts, jewelry, and national flags- much like the cross in Christian countries.

The HAMSA, Hand of Fatima is an ancient symbol, used as a protective amulet by both Jews and Muslims. The name Hamsa is derived from the Semitic root meaning “five.” The hand symbol is called the Hand of Fatima by Muslims, named for the daughter of Mohamed, and is sometimes said to symbolize the five pillars or tenets of Islam. In Jewish use, it is sometimes called the hand of Miriam, after the biblical heroine. The eye in hand is considered a powerful talisman against the ‘evil eye,’ and is usually worn around the neck or hung on walls or over the doors of homes and businesses.

The WINGED HEART is a symbol of the Sufi movement, a mystic branch of Islam. The symbol is a heart with wings, symbolizing ascension; the five pointed star represents divine light, the moon responsiveness to this light.

The MASONIC SQUARE AND COMPASS is one of the most common symbols of Freemasonry. The compass and square are architect’s tools, and symbolize God as the architect of the universe, among other things. As measuring instruments, the tools represent judgment and discernment. The compass, which is used to draw circles, represents the realm of the spiritual- eternity. It is symbolic of the defining and limiting principle, and also of infinite boundaries. The angle measures the square, the symbol of earth and the realm of the material. The square represents fairness, balance, firmness, etc.
Together, the compass and square represent the convergence of matter and spirit, and the convergence of earthly and spiritual responsibilities. The two symbols together form a hexagram, the union of earth with the heavens, matter and mind, etc.

The DOUBLE-HEADED EAGLE is the emblem of the thirty second and thirty-third (and highest) degrees of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. Alchemically, the eagle was a symbol of purified sulfur, and was used in alchemical images to portray the ascending spirit. The double heads are often emblematic of the reconciliation of matter and spirit. Other elements in the Masonic eagle reinforce the alchemical symbolism- a sword representing heavenly fire, and the crown of spiritual attainment.

The point within the CIRCUMPUNCT is a symbol used in Freemasonry. It is a solar-phallic symbol used in ancient Egypt to represent the eternal nature of the sun god Ra. The lines which enclose the circle call to mind the Akhet, the ancient ‘gate’ of the sun, a symbol of rebirth and resurrection. To the Pythagoreans, the point and circle represented eternity, whose “center is everywhere and the circumference nowhere.”

The Greek mathematician Pythagoras is credited with the discovery of the GOLDEN RECTANGLE. The Golden Rectangle is built on the “golden ratio” or “golden proportion,” which is determined by the irrational number known as Phi. (Symbolized by its namesake, the Greek letter phi.). To put it simply, a golden rectangle is a rectangle divided in such a way as to create a square and a smaller rectangle that retains the same proportions as the original rectangle. To do this, one must create a rectangle based on the golden ratio. To find the Golden Ratio, one must divide a line so that the ratio of the line to the larger segment is equal to the ratio of the larger segment to the smaller:

Will follow with Secrets of Numbers

Sami Cherkaoui

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Alchemy - An Egyptian Art

The first Scientists in history were Egyptians and Babylonians.

The Greeks came afterward, but gave credit to Egyptians and named them Alchemists.
They named the science "Alchemy" which means "The Egyptian Art"

The word “Alchemy” is derived from Khem, the name of Egypt, “Al” means “of” so the word means “of Egypt.”

It came to mean the wisdom of Egypt.

The Egyptian God Thoth was believed to have invented the sacred art of writing and the concepts of justice; he taught mankind astronomy, architecture, geometry, medicine and religion.

He was the carrier of Divine messages and recorded all human deeds.

Like the Hebrew/Persian god, He sat among the judges of the dead, weighing the heart.

An unworthy heart (soul) was eaten by Sobek and ceased to exist, while the worthy went to the blissful realms or were reborn to continue their evolution.

It is therefore understandable that Thoth, the God of Wisdom, was credited with the creation of alchemy.

The famous Library of Alexandria contained more than 500,000 scrolls, including Euclid, Archimedes, Ptolemy (geometry), Aristarchus of Samos (who demonstrated that the world was round and revolves around the sun some 1500 years before Kepler) and texts on math and geography which were translated in Latin and dominated these fields well into the middle ages. 

Scientists studied ancient Egyptian texts and learned of the precession of the equinoxes and that the moon, which revolved around the Earth, was responsible for tides. 

Eratosthenes, a famous Greek alchemist, calculated the circumference of the Earth and was unchallenged until the last half of the 20th century when space travel and computer measurements confirmed his measurements adding only a few decimal points.

All of these authors were alchemists.

Pagan scholars and sages fled to the Middle-East and were welcomed with open arms by the emerging Muslim cultures.

Greek versions of the Emerald Tablet of Hermes were treasured by the Muslims Scientists and revered as sources used to develop Algebra, Number Theory, Architecture and Medicine which until recently far surpassed the West.

The texts known as the ‘Hermetica’ are named after the Greek God Hermes. . 
Hermetica is seen as the direct descendant of Sumerian and Egyptian philosophy.

200 years after Alchemy worked its magic, Muslim Empires were replete with  scientific achievements.

In the 9th century, the first University was established in Baghdad and was called “the House of Wisdom.” 

Many pagan works were translated and taught, studied and practiced.

Hermetica became the secret inspiration for many unorthodox religious sects such as the Sabaeans, Sufis (who called Hermes “Idris and Enoch.”), Zoroastrians, Gnosticism and various schools of neo-Platonists.

The most notable of the Sufis was. Al Hallaj martyred as a heretic, who loudly espoused the Hermetic wisdom “I am the truth,” and “We are all God.”

Secret societies such as Masonry, the Golden Dawn, the O.T.O., the Rosecrutians were founded around Hermetic texts and on Hermetic doctrines.

Early Hermetic writings remain some of the oldest and greatest sacred texts ever written.

In a very real sense, Hermetica continues its influence as quantum mechanics demonstrates the hidden truths of ancient Hermetic philosophy and psychology validates alchemy as true means of mental and spiritual health.

Religion and science are merging.

The questions are, how it all started with the Egyptians? The Pharaohs?

Where Science came from?

Why most of the texts were sacred?

Why the Sufis called Hermes Idris or Enoch?

What is the relation of this God Messenger with Alchemy?

If we look at some of famous figures in history whose works were influenced by Alchemical texts.. we can see among them:
Queen Elizabeth I, Martin Luther, Rumi the Sufi, Shakespeare, Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Aristotle, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Victor Hugo, William Blake, Descartes, Milton, etc....

Again go figure......

Sami Cherkaoui

Monday, May 15, 2017

History in Science, Myth and Religion.

Not only history, but may be Future also... 


I am not a scientist, nor a historian.
I  am in love with Historical, Mythological and Religious stories
I also love to discuss these subjects.

Let us take a deep breath, sit back, calm down, open our minds and try to figure out something .....anything about this life, universe, skies, earth, seas, mountains, creation, humans, animals, plants....

I know it is a lot to think about... but it is all linked one to another.

So it is not possible to think about one issue without linking it to another.

To simplify, We may have to take this in sequence; first the creation, universe, skies, earth etc...

However, and because we have to dig into millions of years of history... our sources are limited to three... Science, Myth and Religion.

As these three factors appear to be absolute conflicts, it seems they share the same intel but differ in data and performance.

Let us see how.

If we want to tackle the subject of Creation, we see that Science, Myth and religion all agree that at a certain point of time there was a creation.
Then they all have their logic about when and how.
Science speaks about Big Bang. A big explosion that created the universe, its planets and all other features of life.

Myth talks about different Gods each came from different parts of the sky and created its related nature on earth. Light, Darkness, Seas, Mountains, Rivers, Trees etc...

Religion talks about one God who decided at one certain time to create the universe with all its features as we see them now, skies, earth, planets, creatures etc..

But they all seem inter-related or dependent on one another in starting this quest.

The Big Bang theory relies on two main assumptions: the universality of physical laws, and the Cosmological Principle. 

 A graphic scheme of an artist's concept illustrating the expansion of a portion of a flat Universe.
Albeit it is  a scientific theory which addresses the origins of reality, it has always carried theological and philosophical implications.

Several cosmologists complained that the beginning of time implied by the Big Bang imported religious concepts into physics; this objection was later repeated by supporters of the steady state theory.

The relationship between religion and myth come in different shapes and meanings, depending on the kind of the story and what religion has tackled this story or a similar one.

Religious groups react to science with respect to its implications for their respective religious cosmologies.
Some accept the scientific evidence as is, while others seek to reconcile the Big Bang dor example with their religious tenets, and others completely reject or ignore the evidence for the Big Bang theory.

So, from where shall we begin ?

Not yet.

May be we have to complicate matters more, and talk also about our world/universe and the alternative world(s)/universe(s).

Recent studies are seriously discussing the issue of multiverse (or meta-universe, metaverse) as a non-discovered-yet fact.

They talk about a set of multiple possible universes including ours, that together comprise everything that physically exists: the entirety of space and time, all forms of matter, energy  and momentum, and the physical laws and constants that govern them.
The various universes within the multiverse are sometimes called parallel universes.

Well then, if we have to talk about parallel or alternative universes, may be we have to talk as well about Deja Vu.!

Deja Vu or "already seen"; also called paramnesia, from Greek meaning near, against, contrary to memory or promnesia, is the experience of feeling sure that one has witnessed or experienced a new situation previously .This is accompanied by a compelling sense of familiarity, and also a sense of "eeriness," "strangeness," "weirdness," or what Sigmund Freud calls "the uncanny.
The "previous" experience is most frequently attributed to a dream, although in some cases there is a firm sense that the experience has genuinely happened in the past.

But why we have to include this Deja Vu, in our discussions of history, universe, myth and religion?
Deja Vu is discussed as a fiction subject or mental disorder.
However lately there are attempts to categorize it scientifically as a fringe science which may pave a way to the discoveries of alternative worlds or universes if they are not already discovered.

Also, this subject is not far form the mythical and religous stories.
It is even hinted in all religious books, and it is worth trying to unbreak the different "codes" or "cyphers" related to paranormal issues or at least find out why they were put and what they refer to..

Many issues to tackle.....
Maybe best to simplify matters more in coming articles..
Help from readers not only welcomed but certainly will be most appreciated.

Sami Cherkaoui

Saturday, August 9, 2014

USA, ISIS and the New Middle East

Mr. Obama.

Your humanitarian act in Iraq is a disgrace to humanity, and your military help is like none.
This is not surprising since you were supporting the Israeli killing power and blaming the killed children in Gaza.
Your conditional decisions for helping the helpless innocents are crystal proof of your support to the ruthless killers.
Since WW2 the USA together with its allies and Israel are messing with the Middle East and its innocent people with no clear strategy or a strategy that is very worrying and not properly calculated.
All the wicked plans that have been tried failed till now. However this time they went too far by creating a sedition and sending its evil recruits with false Islamic dress, to butcher and displace as much as they can in the region, under a false Islamic flag, for a false cause and towards an aim that can never be realized or even achieved.
USA being the leader of such non-responsible actions seem to be not aware of what they are doing. however, if they are aware they definitely do not know the nature, the culture and the history of the Middle East and its people.
It is true there are many ethnic populations, many different religions and sects, but this was part of a unique formula that grouped all these people to live together side by side through history, despite many desperate efforts made by Western and Eastern occupiers to change it.
They failed before, they will fail now.
Mr. Obama
No force on Earth can create a New Middle East.
This Middle East we know, existed before and will remain to exist as before and till this life ends on Earth.

Sami Cherkaoui

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Middle East In Turmoil: Whose Fault?

This state of confusion, disturbance and death in the Middle East may be enhanced by some religious extremity, poverty, ignorance and other social negativeness in Islamic and Arab societies, but it is definitely caused by Israel and the Super Powers especially the governments and administrations of The United States and Europe. The unsolved Israeli/Palestinian Crisis had developed a crack in the Palestinian Society and a more hatred between Israelis and Palestinians. This hatred continues to receive the blessings from countries who support Israel on their Arab neighbors, because Israeli continues to have the upper hand. Gaza and West Bank are now an Israeli/American/European and other countries' target whenever the Palestinians try to rebel on the "Peace Plan" endorsed for them or try to seek a different plan for "living in peace". Who benefits from all of this? Of-course Israel. So these questions can be asked: Who is providing international cover, money and weapons to those extremists to the edge that a group like ISIS could have an ability to control lands in Iraqi and Syria and declare their fanatic state? Why the whole world condemn them and yet do not make any effort to halt them? How sure the countries and people who are secretly covering and supporting those fanatics, that they will remain loyal to them when they taste the taste of power? (Afghanistan experience is not a far history) How they can be sure that the people who betray their own country and people, will not betray them in the end? Are those people who are trying to ignite a Muslim/Muslim war, confident (even a little) that such war will not hit their own lands? How much they are sure that Israel will not be hit by this fire? USA, Europe, Russia, China, Iran, Arab Leaders, Muslim leaders, True Rebellions ..... Wake Up Before it is too late Sami Cherkaoui

Sunday, March 23, 2014

In a fraction of a second the existence existed? Cosmic Inflation!

Scientists are struggling to find out how this universe existed and consequently how we existed.
They are talking now about a map assembled from 15 months' worth of data and showing an exquisite confirmation of our Big-Bang model for the origin and evolution of the Universe.

It details what is known as the cosmic microwave background, or CMB - a faint glow of long wavelength radiation that pervades all of space.

Its precise configuration, visible in the new Planck data, is suggestive of a cosmos that is slightly older than previously thought - one that came into existence 13.82 billion years ago i.e an increase of about 50 million years on earlier calculations. This map also shows a slight more matter and slight less energy which is driving the cosmos apart at an accelerating rate.

They are saying that the Universe started in a hot, dense state in a tiny space then expanded and cooled. This supports the idea of INFLATION which suggests that in the very first moments of its existence the Universe opened up in an exponential manner faster than light itself.
This idea of Inflation turned to a breakthrough in the research of scientists and announced by a team used a telescope at South Pole to make detailed observations of a small patch sky. This project is called BICEP2.
Inflation theory suggests that the cosmos experienced a massive growth spurt in its first trillionth of a trillions of a trillions of a second. Then Space continued to expand for about 14 billion years and still expanding.

Some scientists believe that this discovery of the inflationary epoch, opened a window on the mysterious dark energy, and gave some lights on how the infant Universe was transformed from mere quantum fluctuations into something of microscopic size after its birth and how space time expanded inŲ¤ridibly and rapidly, ballooning outward faster than the speed of light. That ancient light which began saturating the \universe hundreds of thousands years after the Big Bang. It is believed that before this time the |Universe was a sizzling fog of plasma and energy too hot for photons to travel freely.

The microwave background temperature is the same at different spots in the sky, and this would have remained a mystery if the cosmic inflation did not tell us that our whole sky came from this tiny region.

The spectacular expansion of the Universe during inflation produced gravitational waves which in turn generated th B modes according to the theory of the Smoking Gun which is a type of polarization in the CMB (Cosmic Microwave Background).

However scientists still do not know what is the substance that propelled inflation and till it is know the Universe remain a dark matter or what they scientifically called it Dark Energy.

Sami Cherkaoui

Friday, November 1, 2013

Evil Politics & Politicians

Halloween ... is a retrieval of evil or so they say ....
In the Middle East .... Evil was and still is seeding there...
With a quick view on how the "World" dealt with the Region before, we can clearly see how they are re-writing the history of this "sensitive" region.
The Middle East was and still is the historical origin of major religions.

This means continuous struggles between Good & Evil!
Continuous conspiracies, wars, bloodshed and of-course racism, fanaticism, ignorance, idiocy ... you name it.

Throughout its history the Middle East has been a major center of world affairs; a strategically, economically, politically, culturally, and religiously sensitive area, however all these criteria were fora securing an unstable future for Arab countries and |Islamic countries in the region such as Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. 

The earliest civilizations, Mesopotamia  and ancient Egypt, originated in the Fertile Crescent and Nile Valley regions of the ancient Near East, as well as the civilizations of the Levant, Persia, and Arabian Peninsula.

The Arab Caliphates of the Middle Ages, or Islamic Golden Age, that would first unify the entire Middle East as a distinct region and create the dominant ethnic identity that persists today.

The Turkic Seljuk, Ottoman and Safavid empires would later dominate the region.

The Seljuk and later Ottoman Empires  were medieval  Sunni Muslim empires, that  controlled vast areas stretching from the Hindu Kush to eastern Anatolia and from Central Asia to the Persian Gulf. Later the Ottoman expansion reached West Mediterranean, north and East Europe.

The Safavids ruled the greatest Iranian Empire since the Islamic conquest of Persia and established the school of Shi'a Islam as the official religion of their empire, marking one of the most important turning points in the history of Islam.

Despite their demise in 1736, the Safavids have left their mark down to the present era by establishing and spreading Shi'a Islam in major parts of the Caucasus and West Asia, especially in Iran.

Most of Arab countries were once occupied by the Turks, and Ottoman rules were established in Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon Etc..

In the aftermath of the war, the Arabs found themselves freed from centuries of Ottoman Sultanate rule, but under the mandate colonial rule of France and the United Kingdom.
When Hussein declared himself King of the Hejaz, he also declared himself King of all Arabs (malik bilad-al-Arab).
This aggravated his conflict with Ibn Saud, with whom he had fought before WWI on the side of the Ottomans in 1910.
Two days after the Turkish Caliphate was abolished by the Turkish Grand National Assembly on March 3, 1924, Hussein declared himself Caliph.
The claim to the title had a mixed reception, and he was soon ousted and driven out of Arabia by the Saudis, a rival clan that had no interest in the Caliphate. Saud defeated Hussein in 1924.
Hussein continued to use the title of Caliph when living in Trans-Jordan.

Another important incident was building up in the region. When in1897 Theodore Herzl established the Zionist Movement, he was actually encouraging Jews around the world, to re-establish their national state, within Palestine. 
He called on all Jews to immigrate to the territory. Turkey banded the Jewish Immigration but later eased its rule under enormous pressure from Europe.
By the end of the First World War, Great Britain had the British Mandate for Palestine. The issuance of the Balfour Declaration greatly increased the immigration of Jews to Palestine. In 1947, Great Britain decided to turn its Mandate over to the United Nations, which, in the same year, adopted Resolution 181, partitioning the land into two states, one Arab and one Jewish.
 The Jewish community agreed to the partition, but Arab countries and Palestinian Arabs did not, resulting in the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, the first in a series of wars fought between Israel and the Arab world. 
The French made few concessions to Arab nationalism, and rejected draft treaties, intensifying their grip on Syria and Lebanon.
In Egypt nationalist agitation after World War I led Britain to proclaim that country an independent monarchy under King Fuad I (1868-1936). The British, however, still retained the right to station troops there.
In Iran the Shah was unwilling to give up his traditional powers, and the British and Russians were unwilling to give up their spheres of influence. During World War I, therefore, they both stationed troops in an ostensibly neutral Persia.
At the end of World War I, the League of Nations granted the area to the United Kingdom as a mandate. It initially formed two former Ottoman vilayets (regions): Baghdad and Basra into a single country in August 1921. Five years later, in 1926, the northern Vilayet of Mosul was added, forming the territorial boundaries of the modern Iraqi state.
The League of Nations granted Class A mandates for the French Mandate of Syria and Lebanon and British Mandate of Mesopotamia and Palestine.
Parts of the Ottoman Empire on the Arabian Peninsula became what is today Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

During the mandate, British colonial administrators ruled the country, and through the use of British armed forces, suppressed Arab and Kurdish rebellions against the occupation. They established the Hashemite king, Faisal, who had been forced out of Syria by the French, as their client ruler.
Likewise, British authorities selected Sunni Arab elites from the region for appointments to government and ministry offices.

French Mandate distribution of Sham countries
What is happening today, despite all sorts of disguising this matter is a clear reflect of a deadly past. What differs today that the internal conflict between the same people is not only between the Christians and Muslims, but also between the different Muslim Sects and the different Christians sects... each of them against each other,
In the past, when the people were engaged with their religious and political fighting, and all the chaos that was spread all over the lands, the League of  Nations were able to eliminate a whole country called Palestine at that time and replaced it with a new country called Israel.
The region began to see series of "military coups" and more rulers toppled and new rulers came to rule,,, till the people of Egypt revolt against their King "Farouk" in 1952 and a new Era began with President Nasser who completed the revolution task and took back Suez Canal from the French and the British.
This action put Israel in Jeopardy. So the three states (France, Britain and Israel) declared war against Egypt in 1956, but was not supported as it should, by the United States. USA at that time had a different Agenda, and was emerging as a new rich and strong power, and wanted to befriend the Arab Gulf rulers when oil discoveries in their lands were announced. USA also was the sole creditor of the three states together, after being almost bankrupted after WW2.
Egypt won the war and resumed control on Suez Canal and its revenues.
Later in 1967 USA supported Israel to win territories in Egypt, Jordan and Syria. Israel took Jerusalem and made it the Capital of Israel. Also took Golan Heights in Syria, and most of Bilad Al Sham was under its surveillance. It also took Sina and secured its South front.  However, it failed to secure passage to its trade through Suez Canal. And this was Israel main concern till it is fulfilled through a Peace accord reached through President Sadat after he won a 1973 war against Israel. They say Israel agreed to pay such high price for this purpose only; sailing through Suez Canal.
Then USA worked systematically in the region to eliminate all dangers that are surrounding Israel. It declared war against Saddam Husein, because he was no more trusted as a "Peaceful Tyrant" and failed in a test with Kuwait.
It occupied Afghanistan to control the spread of "Sunni Extremists" and use this with their political and military dispute with Iran.
It supported the topple of Bin Ali in Tunis and Qaddafi in Libya by their own people, however it left the people to handle a bigger struggle with each other.
It permitted the topple of Mubarak in Egypt, but left Egypt with a new experience that was threatening to make Egypt weaker, and ready to accept any sort of solution for stability.
When President Morsi was toppled by the support of the Egyptian army, the whole influence of USA in the region was at stake. Iran grabbed this momentum, and put a moderate leader that managed to reach in a short time a kind of understanding with the Americans that angered the Saudis.

What is going on in Syria today, may be considered as a tough revenge against Assad himself, because he did not completely go along with USA plans in the region and perhaps tried to take more than what he was supposed to have.  USA probably does not wish to give Lebanon as a price to Assad after his strong support to Iran and Hezbollah.
Hezbollah was a strong card to Iran, and a wild card to USA. However after its military involvement in Syria, it seems the end of its era has begun, with an OK from Iran. Assad had once this wild card, but lost this "privilege" somehow, when he was pushed to put his country in a civil war crisis.
All what is going on today in the Arab countries is actually a bloody dialogue between the super powers and USA, (with Europe against USA “full success” from behind the scenes), with Iran, Turkey and Israel being the "willing" tools, that seem to do anything for the sake of having their "past powers back".
Sadly, it does not really matter to USA what will happen to Egypt and Syria, or how long their agonies take. Because USA, is almost the only international country, which has a physical existence in the heart of the Middle East: militarily (in Afghanistan and Israel), Politically (In Iraq and Israel) and economically (In Arab Gulf States and Israel).

The longest times Syria and Egypt remain in their agonies, the best it is for Israel. Because both countries are the direct powers that can give real threats to Israel, after the Palestinians have already passed this "fighting each other" game successfully and they are now of no stratigic threat to Israel.

The question of Hezbollah in Lebanon can be solved and probably all Hezbollah would be dissolved with an understanding between Iran and USA.
The Panoramic View on the region is getting clearer, and we can almost see the divided states.
Also we can see a more secured Israel and more weak Arab States and a more hesitant Iran.
Despite all "Genevas" proposed meetings whether they happened or not, we will see more Weapons to countries in the region to keep them engaged in ethnic fighting.
Iran will be so busy in this war, and will forget about its nuclear program ...
Turkey will find more internal troubles and disturbances.
Rich Arab countries will pour money to find safety.
Israel will wash its hands from any peace arrangements with the Palestinians.
USA and the super powers will interfere again and as usual, to find solutions between friends, enemies and allies.

And these solutions must be in favour of everybody except the victims.

Who can say this is not Evil Politics? And who can say that those politicians who are running the game are not Evil Politicians?

Sami Cherkaoui

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