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Freemasonry and Solomon's Temple

King Solomon was the son of David and recognized as a Prophet in the three main religions, Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

He is also a legendary figure, a hero, a wiseman and extremely rich.

So many stories told about his unique character, described him as a magician or with special powers that enable him put genies and demons under his control.
Also his ability to talk to birds and animals and employ them as part of his strong army.

Solomon finished what his father David started, building the Temple of Jerusalem, what the Jews consider as an abode for the Ark of Convenient.
Solomon builds the temple
However Solomon built around the Temple, several other buildings and other sites for the defense of the city.

Since no excavations so far were able to find any remains of the Temple, it remained a mystic place as mysterious as it builder King Solomon.
References to the construction of King Solomon's temple at Jerusalem have been included in the rituals of the operative Freemasons since ancient times.

In his Revelations of the Square, Rev Dr George Oliver, who studied and wrote on all aspects of speculative Freemasonry, wrote that the Freemasons adopted the Temple of Solomon for its symbol, because it was the most magnificent structure that ever existed...The temple, he says, denotes reason and intelligence.

Masonic scholars, the Freemasons trace their roots to the building of King Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem and claim the builders of the temple were the original stonemasons, and the forefathers of today’s Freemasons.

The legend centers on the master builder—a man named Hiram Abiff—who claimed to know the secret of the temple.

One day, three men kidnapped Abiff and threatened to kill him if he didn’t reveal that secret. When he refused to talk, Abiff was murdered.
After learning of the killing, King Solomon ordered a group of Masons to search for Abiff’s body and bring back the secret of the temple.

The men were unsuccessful, so the King established a new Masonic secret.

His secret is believed to be the word “Mahabone,” meaning “the Grand Lodge door opened,” which is now the password used to enter the third degree of Masonry.

Or so the story says....

However, it seems that Freemasonry uses the metaphors of operative stonemasons' tools and implements, against the allegorical backdrop of the building of King Solomon's Temple, to convey what has been described by both Masons and critics as "a system of morality veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols.
Nordic Lodge at Mt Bachelor, Bend
The symbolism of the Temple  of Solomon is central in Masonry, so much so that, in some Nordic lodges, the Great Master bears the title of Vicarius Salomonis.
Tray with Seal of Solomon
The six pointed star, also called 'Seal of Solomon', is found among the main Masonic emblems.

In Masonry, Hiram is conceived of as the builder of the Temple of Solomon, treacherously assassinated by his three companions, who wanted to drag the secret of the art of builders out of him and hide away the corpse.

Any Mason admitted at the ceremony of the third grade is seen as Hiram found again, which is to say reborn, who through this rebirth, rises to the dignity of Master of the sect.

So, why all these secrets?

Why Freemasonry is a secret society or a societ with secrets?
Why they are so successful that most American and World Rulers are Freemasons?

What do they really control, and how?
US Silvercert1

Why their signs are on the American Dollar?

What is their link with religions?

What do they want to achieve?

Sami Cherkaoui
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  1. Maybe there is no secret , it is only symbols mean power and a way to bring more people into their society; linking powerful prophets Moses and Noah to their society , means their main key is power, and to achieve a new world ruled by power, by them...Many people think about them this way, but they say that their society are only a peaceful one, than what do we call all these wars fighting to rebuild the temple?
    If freemasonry is based on stories from all religion, but they are not a religion, than why picking this target only? Its them who want to find the secrets, they don’t have it yet. Keeping people entertained to be able to focus on their mission to create this new world of power led by the antichrist! So that is another religious belief of many religion created throughout this begging of life.
    People now get to choose their religion, that’s if only they want to believe in something!

  2. You may have a point.
    However why all these secrecy if they have clean intentions?
    My real question is what the really want?

    So far we see them dominating politics, military, society...
    We do not see them that active in other fields.

    Why all these rituals?

    Another question if I may ask..
    Why women are not allowed in their society?


  3. We see degrees and level and different belief in this society...I don’t think they agree with each other and with their different rules...Just like a religion ;Like they created a co-freemasonory whish allow women to join ,but this last one is not accepted by the main regular freemasonory.
    I understand all these rituals and secrecy are actions built and discovered from the very ancient masonries...It is kind of respectful actions towards their beleif (Supreme Being)
    We can find rituals, symbols, secrecy, in all history and religious stories...So now i don’t really see mystery in their society...
    All I understood that they deny their target about taking over the world...Main concern is to prepare the temple for the antichrist.
    We see most masonry powerful and rich people just like king salmon , in order to be able to apply the decision and plans to acheive their target.
    History is the only truth...

  4. You seem to have a good grab on the subject.
    Anyways, denial is easy
    But are we close to the truth

    As you said no one knows

    Because of these secrets they have or they have not as you are saying...

    I do not really understand how you do not see a mystery amongst all these symbols, rituals, etc..

    Give them some credits about that...

    I do categorize them as a political society, trying to take this world to a certain direction; otherwise all these rulers who are acting on their behalf and jumped for a war to a war are jokers and what the did is just accidental...

    I do not believe so...

    Try to have a closer look on this society


  5. Well, your blog and your questions made me dig some religious history background.
    What I red could not be right, but I choose to group this society as a religious one because it's full of rules and contradictions just like any other (They deny it).
    I can take for example the druz beleif, they also have secrets, and don’t reveal a truth in their belief until certain degree level, and like other religions also, rituals and symbols exist.

    But I agree with you also, that we can see most of its members are politically involved, because the world decision is in their hands, of course planned and mastered by higher level of people in this group, who are only targeting the religious beleif, thinking they achieve it only with the politician help.
    Every religion seeks to win. I can see hidden religious guidance and other so open to the world.
    All wars before and today are because of belief and religion.
    My belief teaches me that they have their own, and I have mine, and I don’t belief what they do believe in, neither they do believe in what I believe in...
    Every religion waits the end of the day, and this society is also waiting but not silently.
    This subject is so detailed and open that made me focus on religion and belief and not the main mysterious questions of the temple and its history.
    That’s what I can see so far, can you add more curious questions?!

  6. Just one more question
    Is there any link with the Jewish Religion?

    So far all the related history can be derived from the Jewish stories, symbols etc...

    Whether true or not remain to be verified..

    We can see all religions deny Freemasonry in public except Judaism...there standing is vague and they are in the gray area..

    As for the Druz, they are different in a way that even the normal Durzi does not know his religion well. Only As7ab Al 7ikmah knows..But again for one knows.

    Thank you for sharing with me these thoughts



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